New Article Ideas

This is a sort of scrapbook for ideas of future posts that we are thinking of writing for this website. Writers, please add your ideas by editing this post in Blogger.

Comments and suggestions are welcome!

  1. A candid comparison of Protestant and Catholic Praise and Worship - Chrisyeo
  2. Sister Wendy Ooi defends herself after CN readers attack her for speaking up for Harry Potter - are we too conservative? - open
  3. Should the Church deny condom use in Africa? - open
  4. A new introduction to this blog - where do we want to go from here? - Chrisyeo


Daniel said...

I thought you're the only one who can edit your own post?

Maybe can consider turning on word verification to cut down on comment spam...

ChrisYeo said...

Maybe you're right. I can edit every post maybe because I'm admin. Ok, you all can put it up as comments then.

Word verification is a new function. I've turned it on. Thanks for the suggestion and apologies to all for the spam!

Norman said...

okay. why not this

"why do we go to Mass?"
(1) what the Mass is
(2) what we go to Mass for

ChrisYeo said...

Hi Lay,

Can we have an introduction from you and will you be willing to write these articles? :)

Norman said...

heh. Lay is a low-profile ex-member of NUSCSS, name is Norman Lee. He is currently quite vexed about things that has been said to him about the Mass, so will take this opportunity to learn from the CCC and set things straight. He will try to get an article punched out, but no promises. :)