Nature's hand or God's?

This is an email sent by my friend in regards to the world's evil. Is it natural order or is this the work of God? Please share your views.

Referring to Ephesians 6, and Revelations (16-17?)

there is so much emphasis in the bible that our fight
is not against fellow creatures, but the principalities/spirits/evil
forces that are around us.. and worse, they are around in an active
manner, almost scheming to plot our fall into temptation? then there is
revelations telling us that our every act is a reflection of our Choice,
our excercising of Free Will to be either for God or not for Him.

sorry am rambling... my question is, is every event
presented before us either a movement of God or not of
Him, is there no randomness, no coincidences? Does
Chaos theory not hold any water? can no event be
interpreted as merely an occurrence of the physical
laws that earthly govern? .. a world where cancer is a
genetic anomaly and a tummy ache is not a signal
psychosomatic spiritual forces at work but mere
indiscretion on the part of the gluttonous soul who
enjoys the myriad of tastes the earthly world has to
offer...? er.. what i am trying to ask is: is
everything that happens to us a direct result of the
choice between a dichotomy, and is every choice we
face, whether seemingly frivolous, really a dichotomy?