For local (Singapore) readers of this blog, there was an article in this issue of Catholic News where John Tan (name has been changed) shared how he overcame his addiction to pornography. He will share his story in full detail at CANA - The Catholic Centre (55 Waterloo Street, Level 2) on Thursday, March 15, 7.15pm. His session will be the first of four sessions collectively titled "Porn Stars @ CANA", and you can ask him your questions at this session.

In line with this healthy interest in the topic of pornography, may I present the following session on behalf of CANA:


CANA is holding a series of four sessions collectively titled at "Porn Stars @ CANA", where porn takes a starring role in a series of forums. The sessions will be held on Thursdays - March 15, 22, 29 and April 12 - at 7.15pm.

The first session (March 15) will be an interview with a young man "John Tan" (name has been changed). John is a good Catholic man who not only attends Mass faithfully every Sunday, but at some points even attended daily Mass. He frequently received the sacraments, was looked up to by his friends, was very active in church ministry and later on in his university. But behind all this, he kept a dark secret - he was addicted to pornography. John will bare his soul at this session at CANA, and share how his dirty secret brought harm to him and the people around him, how he sunk to his lowest point, and how he eventually managed to overcome his addiction.

In the second session (March 22) will be a forum discussion with a youth, a parent, and a priest. The panelists will share their experiences on encountering the topic of porn in their circles, and what they, as Catholic individuals, did about it. The topic then turns to the floor and invites audience members to share what they, as Catholic individuals, are doing about the problem of porn which is so rampant in our Singapore society.

The third session (March 29) will turn the discussion towards finding out what Catholics, as a body or organization, can do about the problem of pornography. We will hear from Catholics in the media industry and staff from the Family Life Society on what is already being done, and find out what more we can do to help fight the problem of porn in our society.

The fourth session (April 12) will be an introduction to Theology of the Body by Dr John Hui from the Catholic Medical Guild. He will present the solution to the problem of pornography found in Pope John Paul II's teaching, which teaches the 'why's behind the Catholic Church's "strict rules" on sex and marriage, and explains how God can be found in our very nature as humans.

We understand the possible apprehension faced by youths in attending such sessions alone, so we would like you to invite the youths that you know to come attend the sessions as a group. All of us are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Come find out how you can be the latter! Please spread this news as far as your network stretches.

For more information, please email cana@catholiccentre.com.sg or call 6336 4815.