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Appreciate a good design when I see one. Simple yet funky. From St. Joseph's Church.

Forest fires happen - the problem of unnecessary suffering

Forest fires happen, and forest fires kill animals. Some suffer horrible burns and die only after many hours of pain. To me, this pain seems unnecessary. To me, there exist cases of unnecessary suffering.

I've been thinking somewhat about the problem of evil lately, specifically, the question of whether natural 'evil' is really evil. I still think that this poses a problem for a rational person's belief in God. If God were good, it does seem that he would want to prevent unnecessary suffering. So why does unnecessary suffering exist? If you can share your thoughts on the above example, I would be very appreciative, as I cannot get around this problem.

New Article Ideas

This is a sort of scrapbook for ideas of future posts that we are thinking of writing for this website. Writers, please add your ideas by editing this post in Blogger.

Comments and suggestions are welcome!

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