Pornography and Sex Addiction: From Shame to Healing

The Colorado Catholic Herald ran a special section titled "Pornography and Sex Addiction: From Shame to Healing" on Nov 10. It is a 12-page long feature on the effect pornography and sex addiction is having on families, as well as some recommendations on dealing with and healing from the problem. The section was created, in large part, as a resource for parishes to use in bringing this issue to greater attention and as a means of helping someone towards healing and recovery.

You can download the special section here.

I think it's great that a Catholic parish, regardless it being in the U.S., has dared to come forward and say openly that pornography and sex addiction is a real problem among Catholics, and to offer hope and healing for those addicted to sex. I hope something like this is possible here as well, since Singapore Catholics are not exempt from pornography and sex addiction.