The Taizé Community -- the death of Br. Roger

Frère Roger has entered the life of eternity

During the evening prayer on Tuesday 16 August, in the midst of the crowd surrounding the Community in the Church of Reconciliation, a woman - probably mentally disturbed - struck Brother Roger violently with knife blows. He died a few moments later.

This was very shocking news when I first came to know of it yesterday. And it comes amidst the events of World Youth Day too. Br. Alois, who was chosen by Br. Roger eight years ago to succeed him, has left the WYD in Germany for Taize.

As some have speculated, it is possible that the Holy Father would head to Taize after the WYD. After all, Br. Roger is likely personally acquainted with the Pope (Correction: I cannot verify if they were friends as mentioned previously, but certainly the Pope has great admiration for him.)

He was at the funeral Mass of JPII and received Communion from then Cardinal Ratzinger. (Update: Wikipedia suggests this was accidental.)

Extensive coverage of Br. Roger's passing at this blog.

Even the Times of London carries a glowing obituary.

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Numquam Satis said...

Bro. Roger indeed had contributed a great deal to the mutual understanding of the Catholics and various protestant denominations. It's a pity that he never was able to cross the threshold into the Catholic Church; but curiously though, his understanding of the Eucharist and the Papal primacy is very "catholic."