Some admin issues..

This post is to discuss some of the formatting issues for this blog.

has everyone figured out how to use the /span class="fullpost/ tag so that only a portion of your article appears in the main page? Perhaps not.

There are two modes that you can write your post in - "HTML" and "Compose". I suggest that you write in the HTML window, and then use Compose to add in formatting if you wish. This way, you don't inadvertantly introduce new tags that mess up the post. In any case, I have altered the beginning post so that the issue should be less severe now.

can we decide if we want a standard format for the formal articles? For example, I have added headers to our articles that look like this:
Is the Sunday Missal meant to be read during Mass?
By Christopher Yeo
DID YOU KNOW that people have..

  1. Title is repeated in the post and in "Huge" size and bold
  2. Author is stated and in italics
  3. First few words are emphasised in capital, and
  4. First letter of article is "huge" size.

I know that this is more work, but I think the image it presents if worth it. After all, if we put in the effort to research and write and article, we should make it look as good as possible right? Should we standardize it then?

I would like to suggest adding a pre-summary and a footer to every article.

For example, I have added a header to the Youth Ministry article that goes like this:

This excellent article was taken from a magazine called Catholic Asian News. In it, Adrian Khoo explores very insightfully the problems that our youth groups face time and again. He suggests that the only way forward is to look upon our youth as ambassadors in training...

You will notice that the article ends with a brief introduction of the author:
"Adrian Khoo has 8 years involve­ment in BEC youth groups, parish youth ministry and as full-time co­ordinator of Lifeline College & Young Adults Ministry, Church of St Francis Xavier, Petalingjaya".
I have also added one to my Missal article.

I think that these two additions will add to the readability, professionalism and impact of the articles. The pre-summary should be written by someone else (we will write for each other) while the footer should be added by the author. What do you all think?...
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Nick Teo said...

but are you suggesting that for every articles we write? but like most recent 2 articles, i tend to write more on sharing and the going-ons rather than any research done.


ChrisYeo said...

Thanks Nick,

I think only for the proper full articles.

ChrisYeo said...

Hi Nick,

So far, I am only suggesting the header and footer bit only. Let's hear what Chris Ow has to say as well.

I think the footer should be written by the author him or herself. It can be the author's personal way of introducing him or herself. It can be different for every article, and can even be tongue-in-cheek. For example, I can write an article about how I have no money, then write a footer that reads: "Christopher Yeo is currently unemployed. He would greatly appreciate kind donations and offers to treat him to dinner."