Discussion about what this blog is..

This post is to discuss about the blog. Please give your comments and suggestions here!

Over the past one month, Irene, Nick, Chris and I have written articles which were posted on this blog. We now have a good idea of the blog looks like and feels like. My question is, what now?

Do we take a long-term slow-and-steady approach by streadily posting solid articles and spread the word slowly and hope by the grace of God that more people will read and contribute?

Or, looking at it now, you might feel that interest is not sustainable in the long run?

Perhaps that is my fear. Could I please garner your comments as to what the future of this blog will be like?
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ChrisYeo said...

If I may start the ball rolling, I was thinking that we could get spiritual directors/supporters. :)

What I mean is that we know many priests and religious. If we could interest them to read the articles and to contribute their own, as well as to get their comments regarding the issues, the blog will suddenly become more relevent and cogent.

People I know who are active online for example are Fr Philip Heng SJ, Fr JPT, Bro Adrian Danker SJ, and Fr David.

Of course, we have to take ourselve more seriously to gain their support and good will.

ChrisYeo said...

I suppose that we should gear up for a large publicity drive in the near future. People I know that I feel will benefit from or contribute to this blog for example are Keenan, Kester, Marcus, Pearl, Nick Netto, Nick Chui, Joanne? and Alphonsus?.

When the time is right we should invite all or perhaps a selection of our friends right?

Nick Teo said...

I think we can always invite anyone and everyone, however i feel that we need a moderator and not allow everyone to be a member. Perhaps you could take up that task?

My idea of what the moderator does is to make sure the contributor is writing about church things and not some rantings, irrelevant to church. Not so much editing language.

I think Jp is rather adept with computer as well. To be honest, I don't know many priests nor religious.

ChrisYeo said...

I think we should invite a few more contributors and build up more material before we 'release' to the general public.

The question that I want to ask is, will people come back to read this blog over the long term? Is it sustainable in its current form?

chewy said...

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ChrisYeo said...

Chewy: We are not looking to just increase the traffic on this blog, but to get more Catholics to participate and contribute. Thanks for the advice though!

irene said...

hey, i was thinking, if you want to get more contributions, maybe a message board would be better than a blog. i'll look around and see if i can find somewhere to host if you want. that way, it's prob easier for people to participate compared to now.

for getting members of the religious orders to participate, well, i can ask a sister i know, maybe she'll be able to get someone to look in now and then.

ChrisYeo said...

Hi Irene,

There are plenty of message boards around. It's ok, you don't have to help us find one. Instead, could you tell me what do you think about this blog?

ChrisOw said...

I think that Irene's suggestion of a message board is not a bad idea. However, i think the bottom line is the quality of the content available.

I remain committed to writing for this site no matter its shape and form. But since collectively we do not seem to be too prolific, perhaps we could do with several more contributors.

Also, on the issue of contributions, i think there is value in keeping things from the perspective of lay persons.

Allowing clergy and religious to post will change the nature of the site, unless they write from the position of the lay Catholic, the person in the pew, as one might say. This is of course possible, and some of those in religion might well relish such an opportunity. My sentiments tend towards maintaining this lay perspective.

To God be the glory.

ChrisYeo said...

I take it Chris, that you are happy with the current arrangement, and that a few people can be happy writing some good articles that we can build up over time.

We should therefore look to interest more writers to come and contribute their thoughts and opinions. There is no rush then. Let's do our own 'work' and let God do the rest.

Regarding religious, I am definitely for keeping the lay perspective. If any religious are to contribute, their opinions should be 'from the ground' so to speak.

Thanks everyone for contributing your comments. I will in my own way invite certain people bit by bit to come and read and write on this blog, and I hope you will do the same. In the meantime, I shall concentrate my efforts on putting down meaningful promptings into words

For the greater glory of God.