The Prompt is back with a bang!

From the editors of The Prompt:

Dear friends,

The Prompt is back with a bang! Three new, thought-provoking articles await you:

* She's no Old Lady who Lived in the Shoe but mother-of-three Patricia Rozario-Tan still faces the Baby Inquisition!

* Young, Restless and Catholic - Part 1 in a series of 3 by Nick Chui that traces the turbulent and exhilarating early years of the Catholic Students' Society in the National University of Singapore.

* Get thee to a nunnery? No need. Professor Donna Orsuto, a lecturer at Rome's Pontifical Gregorian University, tells Nick Chui about authentic lay spirituality and what a 14th century Italian woman mystic can teach us about that.


The Prompt Be Edified. Be Provoked. Be Prompted.

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