Taking off shoes: What to do?!

Last Sunday at mass, the uncle beside me took off his sandals and then placed them on the kneeling board. He crossed his legs slightly so that his foot was rather close to me and very visible. I was very uncomfortable as I did not think it was proper to take off your shoes in church, but yet, I did not know what to say to him. This is further complicated by the fact that properly we are supposed to remove our shoes in a house of worship...

What do you think I should have done or said? What would you have said?


ChrisYeo said...


Does anyone else have problems with other church goers taking off their shoes during mass, in full view of others? Should this be allowed?

If there is someone like that sitting beside you on the pew, what would you do?


Norman said...

Personally, unless the fella has smelly feet, I'd focus on what I need to do and ignore the fella.

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