This Blog is in Desperate Need of Spiritual Direction!

This blog is in desperate need of spiritual direction.

Please pray for us.

(and leave your comments if you have any)

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Anonymous said...


Daniel said...

That's a good question. Why the sudden realization?

Anonymous said...

Well Spiritual Direction itself is very important for a person to grow spiritually in the 'correct' manner, so that fidelity to the Catholic Church is maintained. In an organisational sense, its important to have spiritual input so that the path taken by the group remains the narrow one instead of the easy one. So I guess if there is internal consensus on the need for a Spiritual Director, then next step is finding and getting an orthodox one. May the BVM intercede for you.


ChrisYeo said...

You ask why and why the sudden realisation.

Well, it was through talking with Anthony (of ThePrompt) and meeting Daniel in person. I had to explain the purpose, direction and goals I had for this blog. However, I realised that even after a long wait, these goals and expectations were not coming to fruition. I had to question if this blog was going anywhere - hence the request for spiritual direction.

To explain my choice of links:

Is our readership too low? Should this blog be reaching out to more?


Are our discussions of valid length and integrity? Do they serve as tools of teaching and evangelisation?


What is the link between the Internet and the Church? How is this blog an expression of faith online? How can the internet be part of our faith community?


People are trying to reach out to Catholic youth from our universities, and trying to help them integrate into parish communities. Should this blog be part of this effort?

The question therefore for this blog is: what is it about, and where is it going?