Liturgical Anonymous

The Curt Jester has a cute article on liturgical abusers

Here's an excerpt:

The first step on the way to authentic liturgical recovery is of course to admit you have a problem. Many liturgical addicts deny they have a problem and will often brow beat those who complain about their "little changes" to make the liturgy more relevant and more oriented to the people. Denial is very common and when challenged to explain why all the attempts at opening the Mass to the people results mainly in declining Mass attendance will just complain that the pew sitters just don't get it.


- Daniel

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Anonymous said...

At my parish assembly last year, a lady suggested that we "open the Mass to the people" by having "praise and worship" before each Mass.

After she made her suggestion, I thought to myself,"Aren't we praising and worshipping during Mass already? Is the presence of Christ in flesh and blood not enough that you need a pep rally?"

Good news is that nobody took her suggestion seriously.