Can We Keep Our Churches Catholic?

A few months ago, Chris Ow posted an article "Familiar or Foreign?: Church Architecture and Worship". I was working on an article for the new church to be built in Pasir Ris, and was checking up on this guy, Denis McNamara, when I came across this article which might interest some of us:

A Critical Look at "Environment and Art in Catholic Worship"--With Hope for the Future"

Do check it out and share your thoughts on this.


war in the pocket said...

who decides the design of churches in our diocese?

peregrinus said...

EACW has already been replaced by Built of Living Stones in the United States. But I know of no guidelines given by the local conferences of bishops, nor am I particularly pleased with the architecture or layout of some of the recently renovated churches.

Daniel said...

In Singapore, the archbishop decides on the design of the churches.

Those who are unhappy about the designs of churches should inform their bishops about it, as probably only he has the power to do something about it. Most bishops do, if there are many voices bringing up the same issue. If not, then it could be just one dissenting voice among the rest who agree with his choices.

Bottomline is, if you're unhappy, let the bishop know. If you're unhappy but keep silent, he'll never know.