Marketing of Evil

In "The Marketing of Evil," I interview the co-founder of America's abortion movement, Bernard Nathanson. He founded the largest abortion clinic in the Western world, and co-founded NARAL, the vanguard group that got abortion legalized in New York in the 1960s. Most impressively, he sat around with a few others and literally made up the original marketing slogans, "freedom of choice" and "women must have control over their own bodies." Here's what Nathanson told me. Quote: "I remember laughing when we made those slogans up. … They were very cynical slogans then, just as all of these slogans today are very, very cynical."

In other words, they knew they were just conjuring up deceptive marketing messages.

Nathanson today admits he and his abortion colleagues lied left and right. They fabricated statistics and poll results and fed them to a willing news media. What's the most powerful abortion marketing slogan of all? "Women are dying." It just seems to trump all other points. In the years before Roe v. Wade, we always heard that 5,000 to 10,000 women were dying every year in the U.S. from illegal, botched abortions. This is what Nathanson and his abortion marketer cohorts were claiming. But it wasn't true – not even close – and they knew it.

Some people say, "Hey, Nathanson is a pro-lifer now, so how can you believe his criticisms of the abortion industry?"

If you don't believe Nathanson, do you believe the Centers for Disease Control? Do you know how many women actually died from illegal, botched abortions in 1972, the last full year before Roe v. Wade? According to the CDC, it wasn't 5,000 or 10,000, it wasn't even 1,000 – it was 39.

For the rest of this (long) article, go here: http://www.drjudithreisman.com

This article is found on a website: www.drjudithreisman.com. She is a researcher who blew the whistle on Kinsey's book in 1948, pointing out what should have been blatantly obvious.

Incidentally, I came across this website from another excellent Catholic website called: www.pornnomore.com, which is dedicated to helping those who are addicted to pornography, and those whose lives are affected by people addicted to pornography. The question concerned that led me to Dr Judith Reisman's site was related to whether masturbation for the release of sexual tension was okay.

I recommend this site to those who know someone caught in the cycle of sexual addiction.


Anonymous said...

Oh of course masturbation for the release of sexual tension is okay. If the Catholic Church ever comes out of the 16th Century (which I sort of doubt!) maybe they will agree. Meanwhile the Church is in moral and financial ruin because of hundreds (thousands?) of horny priests who repressed their own sexuality far too long! Shame! Shame! Shame on the Church!

Daniel said...

We have been lied to and conditioned by the secular world to think that we need to release our sexual tension.

In Pope Benedict XVI's first encyclical "God Is Love", he puts forward the popular opinion that the church has devalued eros, but in truth, it is the secular world that has truly devalued eros, not the church.

If the church is living in the 16th century, the world is living in ancient Greece, where the people considered eros as "a kind of intoxication, the overpowering of reason by a 'divine madness' which tears man away from his finite existence and enables him, in the very process of being overwhelmed by divine power, to experience supreme happiness.

"It was in such ancient religions where this attitude found expression in fertility cults, part of which was part of which was the “sacred” prostitution which flourished in many temples. Eros was thus celebrated as divine power, as fellowship with the Divine.

The Old Testament condemned this, just as the church today condemns it, "because this counterfeit divinization of eros actually strips it of its dignity and dehumanizes it. Indeed, the prostitutes in the temple, who had to bestow this divine intoxication, were not treated as human beings and persons, but simply used as a means of arousing “divine madness”: far from being goddesses, they were human persons being exploited. An intoxicated and undisciplined eros, then, is not an ascent in “ecstasy” towards the Divine, but a fall, a degradation of man."

For the full encyclical (which is surprisingly easy to comprehend), refer to:

Going one step further, if you think that old celibate men can't teach us anything about sex, Pope John Paul II wrote in "Love & Responsibility" how a couple can achieve the ultimate high in sexual union - when both man and woman climaxes at the same time.

JP2 understood that men reach orgasm much quicker than women. In order for both to climax at the same time, he wrote that the man has to slow down and keep pace with the woman, so that they can both climax at the same time.

This is the true expression of love - the gift of self to the other.

So much for old celibate men not knowing anything about sex.

If you want to find out how you can improve your sexual life from this celibate old man, you can check out "Love & Responsibility" at:


You will find that abovementioned interesting part on page 28 of the PDF.

Nick Teo said...

good interesting links daniel...:)

Daniel said...

Thanks Nick.

Oh, I spoke to Nick Chui about this and he clarified that "Love & Responsibility" is a much thicker book. That link just summarises it.

L&R is available at NUS Central Library, and probably at National Library as well.