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Br Lawrence, O.P. said...

The following is an excerpt from Fr Jonathan Robinson's interview with Zenit. It serves to highlight some of the aspects of authentic Liturgy:

Q: Shouldn't the Church's desire to speak to the modern world be reflected in the liturgy?

Father Robinson: The answer is "no" if you mean that the liturgy is supposed to adapt to what we are told are the aspirations of modernity and the promptings of postmodernity. The Church is supposed to bring something to the world, not accommodate its message to what it thinks Tom, Dick or Harry will swallow.

Pope Benedict XVI gives us a lesson in what I mean in his first encyclical,
"Deus Caritas Est." The document is a vibrant affirmation of the uniqueness of the Christian teaching about love, and this uniqueness is based on God's
self-disclosure of himself -- what we call revelation.

The liturgy must return to reflecting this God-centered approach.

Q: How can he Church attract the multitude of religious "seekers" so prevalent today?

Father Robinson: Liturgy should be the living expression of the Paschal Mystery; that is, the worship of God is not merely a teaching, it is also the
re-enactment of the saving passion, death, resurrection and ascension of our Savior.

What we have to do is take our minds off counting heads and direct them to the Mass that the Second Vatican Council called the "summit and source" of the Church's life. If we began to do this in a serious way the needs of the seekers would be met.

Q: What are the ways in which authentic liturgical renewal can overcome the handicaps of modernity?

Father Robinson: If by authentic liturgical renewal you mean a liturgy based on God's revelation -- and not on our aspirations -- as well as serious preaching based on this same revelation, and finally on an attempt to live holy lives, then nothing more is required.

The only effective way of overcoming false views about human nature and the
meaning of life is by an effort to present to our times the mysterious reality of the Paschal Mystery in a more vivid and unsentimental way.

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