The Catholic News online

Good news! It appears that the Catholic News has a web presence after all! It has a good stock of past articles in a blog style and it looks promising. It can be found at http://www.catholic.org.sg/cn/.

now the bad news.. In this Sunday's edition of the Catholic News, the forum ('Viewpoints') directs readers to http://www.catholic.org.sg/cn/ for longer versions of the published letters. However, it appears that they have not been added yet. Daniel, can you feedback to your editor on this?

I think the CN has come very far over the past year. Keep it up! On this note, I would like to welcome readers to share their suggestions and comments about the Singapore Catholic News.

May Christmas bring you the blessing of Peace, Hope and Love!


Daniel said...

Coming, coming. We're a bit slow in uploading the viewpoints. It's our first time putting them up to the public, so there *might* be a few bugs to work out.

Please be patient with us. :)

Nick Teo said...

Yes, i recently came across it as well. And was pleasantly surprised.

Looks like baby steps for our Catholic Church!