The local church in 20 years

Let's talk about vision.

Practicalities aside, what would you want the Catholic Church in Singapore to be like in 20 years time? What would be different, ideally?

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Norman said...

(1) Better Catechesis of the faithful, both children and adults. More talks, better formation of catechists, more orthodox self-study materials available.

(2) A good choir in every Parish with a trained musician leading it, which adheres strictly to the principles of Sacred Music and at the same time, maintains the art of choral singing.

(3) A healthy respect for, and appreciation of what the Church has been - so that in "modernizing" we do not cut off our links with the past.

(4) Liturgical abuses totally eradicated. Communion on the tongue only, no more Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. Hymns at Mass are used very sparingly, instead singing Scripture as found in the Antiphons in the Missal.