Full Time Workers in Church

Recently, I had this sudden urge of seeking an oppurtunity to work in the church. The thought had come into my head again after a hiatus of a few years. Perhaps something might change.

But I was thinking it wouldn't be different and had even soughted the websites of protestant churches hoping to get some headway.

However, something told me that I should just try asking at the relevant authorities and speak to someone and at the same time send in my resume.

So I went to SPI and spoke with Miss Wendy Louis. I must say that she is encouraging but the fact remains, the situation isn't encouraging.

First of all, SPI has a small team of workers only and there is no budget to increase the workers. Even in schools, those pastoral workers are employed as teachers. In fact, the budget for anything that needs to be done is limited. She gave me the example saying that their website is simply done because there is no money to pay anyone, and so it was done for free.

Then she told me, even if she were to offer me a post, like all jobs interview, she would like to know if I have any 'paper qualifications'. That was a fair question, but I told her that if that is her criteria, then it would seem like she would have problems employing anyone at all for the church since no one would have studied in any Catholic University with any degrees.

We talked about the lack of education and the lack of oppurtunities for interested person to study and come back to serve in the church. And I told her that it would be impossible for anyone to want to go study if there is no guarantee of any oppurtunities. Especially since a theology degree is pretty much useless in secular Singapore.

The bottom line is this, she told me to try out CAYC and see what they have to say.

CAYC said they are not employing. Apparently the 3 of them is enough.

So I guess I should go take a look at the Salvation Army.


Daniel said...

Not too long ago, CJC was looking for a full-time youth development officer to work with teachers in the formation of students. They placed ads in the Catholic News for several consecutive issues.

Church of St. Ignatius is also inviting applications for a full-time pastoral coordinator. They also placed ads in the Catholic News, two issues so far, if I remember rightly.

I wonder if anyone applied for those positions yet.

Daniel said...

I've been asking around and apparently the Vincent Cheng issue is not commonly seen as a reason for why the church doesn't employ full-time workers.

An interesting question to ask would be how workers like Wendy Louis and the three youth workers in CAYC got the church to pay them for what they are now doing.

Daniel said...

If anyone's still interested, St. Mary of the Angels is looking for a Kindergarten Principal and an Accounts and Admin Executive.

Details on Nov 13, CN, page 21.