Priests' Annual Retreat: What is it like?

As you probably know, our diocesan priests have gone on their annual retreat from 11 - 15 July 2005.

Have you ever wondered what priests' retreats are like? What do they do? How do they interact with one another? Do the priests welcome the annual retreat or look at it as something that they have to do? Have you ever spoken with your priest about it? What did they say?


ChrisYeo said...

An interesting question.

Let me be candid and say that since it seems that some priests do not like some other priests, the arcdioscesian might imaginably be something like a political AGM, with some I'm sure detesting the annual gathering.

In contrast, gatherings of pastors from Christian churches always seem to be open and gracious towards one another, and have less hangups about politics since they have their own church domains.

But this is pure speculation. I would really like to hear what the annual retreats are like, and more importantly, have an idea how united the Archdiocesian priests are in their calling.

Which priest can you think of that would be willing to give an honest reply to these questions?

Daniel said...

Actually this topic was brought up to me by Fr Frederick Quek. I met him last week and he thought that this might be interesting.

From what I know, the reason they had to have it held in JB is so that they would not be able to be contacted by their parishioners. It's got to be a real retreat without them thinking about work.

I really do wonder what's it like there. I mean, retreats conducted by young people are quite different from retreats conducted by old people. This is quite clearly seen in parish groups.

So what happens when a bunch of old-school priests come together with a bunch of young priests?

ChrisYeo said...

Sorry Daniel, I'm not sure what your intention of asking about the priest's annual retreat is...

Are you saying that Fr Fred does not know what the retreat is like since he brought up the question?

Are you wondering whether the old-school priests and younger priests get along, and therefore asking if the annual retreat is really effective?

Or are you just wondering what retreats for older people are like? I don't suppose that they are very much different from the retreats we go to. It is probably of the silent retreat variety, journeying with a spiritual director. I assume also that there will be many forums and pep talks amongst the priests and with the archbishop.

Daniel said...

Ah, no, I was saying that Fr Fred said that it is likely that the laity do not really know what goes on during the priests' retreat and it would be interesting to find out what they think goes on.

It would also be good to find out what actually goes on and let the laity know.

I do think that retreats for older people are quite different from the ones we go to. Of course if it's the silent retreat variety, then yes, it'd probably be similar, since there are only so many ways to have a silent retreat.

But then, with the gathering of so many priests, I doubt the priests' annual retreat is of the silent retreat variety.

Nick Teo said...

To be honest, I would had thought that a retreat is basically a retreat, to recharge, to refocus to be informed of new directives.

nothing to wonder. when you attend a retreat, it doesnt matter who you are or who conducts it for you. you will get what the retreat master intends for you.

what's there to wonder? every retreat would and should be different.