Christian P&W at Indoor Stadium: 5-7 August. Join us!

Click for a larger picture. Would you like to go?


Daniel said...

Hmmm... organized by City Harvest Church, in collaboration with many other Christian churches and organizations. I haven't been for the previous ones and I don't know if I'd go for this.

ChrisYeo said...

I would definitely like to go because I'm totally intrigued by the size and vibrancy of this event. I had not known of its existence until now. Look at the picture and you can see the whole indoor stadium being filled with 10,000 teens! Somehow, it just looks quantitatively different from any Shine Jesus Shine rally I can imagine.

The youth from St. Stephen's Church might be going and I would definitely like to experience this interesting yet alien aspect of Christian worship: gasp! Joining a protestant worship rally!

Actually, I love Hillsongs; it and Delirious are really the two best Christian bands on the planet. I'm sure it would be a wonderful night.

I have invited Fr. Fred, the Catholic youth chaplain (did I get his title correct?) to join us if he is not already going. I do hope he replies to my email. Do you think he will go? Do you think he should go?

If someone knows him and can talk to him, maybe you'd like to invite him as well, or at least relay my invitation if my email fails to reach him.

Daniel, you said "I don't know if I'd go for this". Why? Do you have reservations about it being organised by City Harvest Church?

Daniel said...

Well, actually, no. I was just stating the fact that it is mainly organized by City Harvest Church along with other small churches. Also noticing that the Catholic Church is conspiciously absent from the list, although I believe they did try St Mary of the Angels' Fr John-Paul Tan, asking him if he'd like to work together to draw the youth in. No comments on that one for now.

I said "I don't know if I'd go for this" not in reference to its organizers, but just because these rallies just aren't my cup of tea. =)