Interesting Gems in Catholic News June 26th

I found the June 26th 2005 edition of the Catholic News a rich read. It contained a number of good articles:

  1. One on why Colombo's Catholics are leaving the church for Pentecostal Churches because of "At the AOG(Assemblies of God) we are taught to pray with fervor and talk directly with God, instead of asking statues of saints to intercede for us. We are also taught the Bible, something the Catholic Church does not do," (pg 4).
  2. One titled "Decoding 'The Da Vinci Code'" and subtitled as "some advice from Father Henry Siew to people who cannot resist reading the book". (15)
  3. A piece on the revised general instruction of the roman missal. (16)
  4. And a forum letter from a mum that wanted her child to go to a Catholic school but was rejected by both SJI and CJ. (17)

So if you've missed this issue or glossed over it, maybe you would like to get your hands on a copy and take a look at these gems.


ChrisYeo said...

Haha. The Colombo one is really hilarous in that these complaints are really so typically catholic! But there still is a long way to go in correcting all these flaws in the church here in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

I understand the frustration of these catholics in Colombo because i think the Catholic church in Singapore is still struggling with the very same issues. I also understand the lure of the Protestant churches as I work in a Protestant organisation and when I see them pray and worship, I really see how powerful they can be. In turn, my Protestant friends' faith has spurred me on to become a stronger Catholic and to want to inspire other Catholics too. I sincerely believe that the Catholic faith and people have got what it takes to be as powerful as Protestant churches can be...it is just many years of apathy and blind faith that we need to slowly shake off.
From loretta

Daniel said...

I've been following the letters in the CatholicNews regarding the parents who complain about not being able to put their kids into Catholic schools to give them a Catholic education.

Frankly, I think that's just an excuse to get their kids into a good school.

There's a very good reason why certain schools have high cut-off points. The points are a gauge of the student's ability to follow the class. If his points don't meet the requirement for the school, it is likely that he will not be able to follow the pace at which that school teaches.

You guys have been through school and you know how damn demoralizing it is to always be among the last in the class.

That's why a weaker student should go to a school with students who are around the same standard as he is. That way, he will be better able to cope with his studies.

I mean, if your kid can't get into SJI, for example, maybe it's because he just won't be able to follow the classes. There's still St Gab's, St Pat's etc. to try.

Incidentally, that's the reason why the seminary has a general rule that only those with degrees can join the seminary - so that they will be able to follow the classes conducted.