Do you pray in public?

Do you pray in public? If so, do you give thanks always and everywhere, as the Prefaces to the Eucharistic prayers suggest we should? Do you pray discreetly or do you always make the Sign of the Cross quite overtly?

I am usually make the Sign of the Cross before praying the Grace before Meals. Some of my friends do likewise. And I do this even if I'm eating in a Muslim restaurant, e.g. a prata shop or a nasi padang shop.

What is your practice of praying in public?

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ChrisYeo said...

I still remember the day I was taking the 151 to NUS and I saw Edmond take out his rosary to pray, in a bus!

But I pondered why I felt shocked (perhaps it was the same shock when people saw the Capuchin monks walking around on campus during one of our Friday masses), and I came away then with the realisation that if God was real to us, why should our expressions of that relationship be hidden in anyway?

I remember sharing that with my CG and from then on we openly made the sign of the cross during our meals.

Br Lawrence, O.P. said...

In so far as I remember to say Grace (which is almost each time I eat) I do sign myself and say a quick prayer, whether in public or otherwise.

Not an ostentatious sign of the cross, nor a paltry one but a quick one, as is my wont outside of the Liturgy.

I also pray the Rosary on trains, planes etc but I do try to keep it inconspicuous...

Nick Teo said...

Yah i say grace before meal wherever i am, it had become a habit which i took from css. then it was something we always talk about, being brave about your faith in public.