Abortion, a necessary evil?

On behalf of La Bona, I've posted this up seperately so that anyone can comment on it. - CY

I am inviting your views on ABORTION in order to present a case to help those in the developing world.

I personally see abortion as a NECESSARY EVIL and that unwanted pregnancy is not only a personal problem and it is also a very real problem for the society at large.

Do you think it is right to burden say a 15 years old school-going girl with a new life when she is yet to have any economic mean to sustain herself and obviously, most girls of her age are not mentally ready for a family life. Furthermore, is it fair to rob her of her career, aspiration, dream etc., in the name of preserving a life that is yet to be fully developed?

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La Bona


Daniel said...

Ah! A place where my opinion counts. =P

I think that the ends should not justify the means. The value one places on abortion is inversely proportional to the value that one places on life. If life is less important than economic burden, then abortion is justified. However, if abortion is justified by that reasoning, then so is the killing off of the sick, disabled and elderly who are also economic burdens.

mochi said...

I don't deny that abortion is taking a life. However, personally, I
would have to be honest and say that I don't know what I would do if I
had to make that choice.

Politicians in the US use the issue of abortion as a platform for
campaigning and it just pains me. There is so much more to the issue
than just "pro-life" or "pro-choice", black or white, right or wrong. I
did my senior thesis on the experience of decision making in abortions
and very often, the woman who is faced with this life-altering decision
feels like she has NO choice.

I wish people would pull away from trying to prove who is on higher
moral ground (and trust me, that too is a slippery slope!) and focus on
DOING something about it. If you believe that it is wrong, increase
support (financially and otherwise) for single or unwed and oftentimes
young mothers so that they know of and truly have alternatives as well
as challenge the social stigma that comes with being an unwed or single
mother. And if abortion should be a woman's choice, what about support
for women who have had abortions and feel absolutely terrible about it?
Just because a woman "chooses" to have an abortion doesn't mean she
feels good about it.

If you think about it, no matter where you stand on the political
issue, both sides believe that abortion is undesirable. They just
disagree on whether it should be legal or not.

Ultimately, I believe that there is one more thing that we should agree
on too, and that is compassion.

BTW, George W. Bush, what about capital punishment? Is that not taking
a life away as well??

ok, i'll get off my soap box now.
i apologise if i have offended anyone.
it's not directed at you per se.

Daniel said...

In the latest issue of CatholicNews, in Father Ronald Rolheiser's usual column, he makes some predictions for the coming century. One of them is this:

4) Abortions will slowly decrease and will decrease to the extent that pro-life and pro-choice advocates stop demonizing each other and begin to work together in good will to minimize abortion (which, ultimately, nobody wants).

That same column also has other interesting predictions not related to this topic.