Ebay-Consecrated host

Someone is auctioning a consecrated host.



ChrisYeo said...

What is your reaction to this post?

I think that there is no need to overreact to this post. Obviously, there are people who are despicable enough to disregard something that is absolutely sacred to a religion and then to profit from it. Obviously, there are also other people who are stupid enough to be conned into buying them. I don't believe any true Catholic would have paid for this memento’; it is probably another stupider person who thinks the value will go up even more. What I think is important to realize is that these things can and do happen. E-bay should have never allowed this auction to be listed, and I believe that they have rules against selling such things. If they had known, the auction would have been de-listed. To me, that is all that there is to this case.

Did you react with shock and strong indignation? Did you feel anger or hatred towards the seller? If you could meet this person, what would you have said or done to him? Some food for thought: what would Jesus have done?

John Goh said...

Even before th advent of the internet, I had heard that the consecrated host has been put on sale. The hosts are needed at black masses or other satanic rituals.

Poor soul. It is a great sin to insult Jesus in his sacrment of love.

I think E-bay should have a policy to ban the sale of consecrated hosts, to exercise sensitivity to religions.

ChrisOw said...


eBay Pulls Sale of Consecrated Communion Host After 9,000 Complaints Received

ChrisYeo said...

Haha... I wrote them:

Dear Ebay,

I am writing in concern towards your policy of allowing the sale of catholic communion hosts. I am not trying to create a raucous, but I wish to add my sincere voice in saying that your company's policy towards this needs to be considered very carefully.

I hope there is no need for me to lay out a list of reasons, as I believe that you surely will have received many letters with thoughtful comments already, but I need to point out that the item in question was obtained in a morally offensive way. If an item can be shown to be obtained by stealing or cheating, I do not think that your company should allow its sale. I argue that Catholic communion hosts must be treated as such, as it is explicit that hosts are given only to baptised Catholics and must be consumed on the spot. Obtaining and keeping one is illicit and tentemount to cheating and stealing.

I am very dissapointed by your company's lack of sensitivity in addressing this issue. My view of Ebay as a global company for the global community has taken a significant blow, and I wish to note (without threat) that my future support of your services will be somewhat inhibited.

I would appreciate if you could notify me of any comments/feedback/policy clarifications that your company might issue.

Yours sincerely,
--- (Singapore)

irene said...

first time i heard of someone auctioning off a communion host. who did that guy think would buy it??!! other than devil worshippers that is. *shocked* surely the host hasn't become such an item that can be auctioned off. let's have some respect here.

ChrisYeo said...

Apparently a Catholic bid the $2000 to prevent if from getting into the wrong hands. In the end the sale didn't happen and the Eucharist was returned to the Church.