Greetings and Thanks

I am grateful to have been invited to this blog. Now I'm not sure if Anthony who runs the Prompt website is actually ok with us borrowing his name.

When I first mooted the idea, it was with a view towards providing our friends stuggling to live the faith in the uni to working world transition make some sense of their experience. I had hoped that by sharing our own reflections and experiences, we might help others see that they are not alone in their struggles.

I had also hoped to have talented writers use their gifts to help, even in this tiny way, the Church's apostolate to young adults on the cusp of full participation in that sometimes quite frighful thing called the world .

Good articles are really the result of two things: thoughtful & prayerful reflection, and hard work (especially in terms of study, research, & editing). It is my hope that we will see good material here both on the local Catholic Church, and the universal Church.

This blog should serve as a stimulus for further study and deeper reflection. If even one of every two viewers of this blog are thus stimulated, I will be satisfied.

My thanks to you for reading this.

God goes before you, and walks beside you. Go in peace.

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