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This blogsite is named after the book "Crossing the Threshold of Hope" by pope John-Paul II.

Here, we post write-ups about the Catholic Church, so that ideas can be shared and discussed. To post an article or comment, you have to be registered on this blog; please post a request on the tagboard if you wish to be registered.

While the quality of the articles here may not be the best, this should be forgiven - all writers improve with time. Instead, share with open hearts on issues which are important to you. We pray that the pieces here will be spirit-filled, thought provoking, and action inspiring.

This blog idea was discussed between Chris Ow and Nic Teo some time back. While talking with Nic today, I thought why not just go ahead and make it a reality?! So here it is. The template is all temporary and can be updated with new colours and new pictures. Please give you comments on what else this blog needs and what designs you might like!


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ChrisYeo said...

Some instructions for posting:
When you create a post, there will be two lines that read something like /span=.../ //span/.
Whatever is placed between those tags will be hidden in the main page, so if you have a long post, put the first paragraph before the tags and the rest of the article between the tags.
Readers can then read the full article by clicking on the link that appears on the main page.