CatholicNews published part one of Father Albert Renckens’ reflection titled “Are homosexuals welcome in the Catholic Church?” in the last issue (CN, Jan 7). We have received many letters commenting on it. Here are some of them.

Are we really ignorant?
Priest’s view is disturbing
Mixed feelings
Not in line with church teaching
More confident now in serving church

Eugenia says:

I feel that Catholic News, as commissioned by the Archdiocese of Singapore, has the responsibilty to ensure doctrinally-sound publications. I ask of Catholics News to be extremely discerned and prudent when publishing articles written by people expressing their views on the Church’s doctrine.

We, as Catholics, listen and accept the teachings of the Church. There is no room for debate when it comes to dogmatic doctrines i.e. the Truth. Please do not create the space for confusion.

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I'm too tired to even respond...

YawningBread has a commentary here:
Dominic Chua has a response to these articles:

It was with tremendous sadness and pain that I read the responses to Fr. Renckens’ article "Are Homosexuals welcome in the Catholic Church?" that were printed in the 21 Jan 2007 edition of the Catholic News. If anything, taken together, they constitute a resounding ‘no’ to the question posed by the title of Fr. Renckens’ original article.

It does not seem worthwhile to take each of the responses separately and respond to them in great detail. Rather, it is more important and more constructive to address the highly problematic mindset of intellectual and spiritual torpor and passivity that characterizes all the replies. Collectively, the letters reflect an unwillingness to engage the issue in and of itself, and bleat the same line if something is out of step with Catholic orthodoxy, it cannot and should not be voiced. Some of the responses take this one step further -- if the Catechism of the Catholic Church or the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith (CDF) says that something is sinful and wrong, it must be so.